• Lagos Journal of Geographical Issues

    The aim of this journal is to stimulate wider and more incisive analysis and application of geographic concepts which influence or are themselves influenced by the development process. The journal is open to geographic research works from any part of the world, although, its primary focus is Africa. It accepts publications in form of research papers, reviewed articles, technical notes and short commentaries on any geographic issue. Every submitted paper is sent out for peer-review after initial appraisal by members of the editorial board. The manuscript to be submitted must not duplicate any other previously published work and, must not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    The vision of the editorial board is to publish two volumes a year. Authors whose papers have been successfully reviewed and accepted for publication are charged a token fee to cover part of the administrative and technical costs of production. Authors retain the copyright of their published papers.

    The journal accepts advertisement and information which promote intellectual as well as town and gown collaboration. We sincerely look forward to attracting your scholarly patronage, as a reader and author.

  • UNILAG Journal of Employment Relations

    UNILAG Journal of Employment Relations (UJER) is a multidisciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed Journal of the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management (ER&HRM), University of Lagos.


  • International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Optimization: Theory and Applications

    The International Journal for Mathematical Sciences and Optimization: Theory and Applications is an open access peer-reviewed international Journal that publishes original articles in the broad range of Mathematical Sciences and Optimization, including articles that relate directly and indirectly to Mathematical Sciences and Optimization. Consequently, good and original articles relating to Computer Sciences, Statistics, Modeling, Artificail Intelligence, Differential Equations, Algorithms, Iterative processes etc. are also publishable in the Journal.

    The Journal, published by the University of Lagos in collaboration with the Association of Mathematical Sciences and Optimization, is domiciled at the University of Lagos.

    Articles in this Journal are indexed in Society of African Journal Editors, African Journal Online (AJOL), Google Scholars, OpenAIRE.

    MathScinet and SCOPUS are under processing.

  • Unilag Journal of Mathematics and Applications

    The Unilag  Journal of Mathematics and Applications (abbreviated as LAGJMA) is an international peer-reviewed research journal issued biannually and funded by the Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics,  University of Lagos. Domiciled in the Department of Mathemtics. The journal endeavours to publish significant original research articles in all areas of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Pure Statistics, Applied Statistics and other related areas. Survey papers and short communications will also be considered for publication.

    LAGJMA is published biannually; in May and November.

  • Nigerian Journal of Risk and Insurance

    Academicians, PhD students, and other researchers are encouraged to submit their best research. Papers on any risk or insurance related topics are welcome. Specific subject areas include, but are not limited to, insurance economics, risk management, behavioral risk perception, law and regulation of insurance and risk transfer mechanisms, insurance accounting, insurance operations, corporate governance, health insurance and economics, mortality, actuarial science,  public policy, pension, financing of aging and retirement, etc

  • Lagos Journal of Environmental Studies

    The Lagos Journal of Environmental Studies is a bi-annual journal published by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos since 1997. The journal is a veritable platform for disseminating dependable and timely information emanating from original research on the African construction industry, environmental issues, development studies and related fields. Manuscripts are invited from researchers and others working in the fields of architecture, building, construction management, sustainable construction, real estate valuation, environmental management, geospatial analysis, quantity surveying, and urban and regional planning as well as allied professions and disciplines.

  • Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies

    Ihafa is a double blind peer-review journal published annually by the Department of Linguistics, African & Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria. It is devoted to publishing high quality scholarly works on Linguistics, African Languages, Literatures, Cultures, etc. Submission of a paper to Ihafa will be taken to imply that it represents original works not previously published nor being considered elsewhere for publication and, if accepted for publication, such a paper will not be published elsewhere without the consent of the editor.   

  • Lagos Notes and Records

    Lagos Notes and Records (LNR) is an annual interdisciplinary journal of the humanities published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Nigeria. It is devoted to the publication of well-researched articles in all the subjects in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Law. In addition to original articles, the journal also publishes review articles, brief accounts of work in progress, as well as notes and comments on issues arising out of recent publications. 

  • African and Diaspora Discourse

    A-DD  is a peer-reviewed, French-English bilingual  academic journal that sets out to reconfigure African Studies through original and intellectually stimulating  research papers that are capable of provoking  new questions, theories and debates on Africa and her relationship with the world . It is multidisciplinary, so long as issues discussed there-in are relevant to Africa and the Diasporas.  The A-DD annually publishes articles in both English and French languages, and is domiciled in the Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Journal of Construction Innovation and Cost Management

    Journal of Construction Innovation and Cost Management (JCICM) aims at publishing high-quality original research concerning innovations and cost management of the operations, process and products of the construction industry. The Journal offers comprehensive coverage of construction innovation and cost management of infrastructure projects. The thematic areas include, but not limited to: Construction Economics, Value and Commercial Management; Process Re-engineering; Digital process in construction; Infrastructure and Assets Management; Construction Technology and Management; Maintenance and Operation Management, Feasibilities and Viabilities Studies of Infrastructure Projects; Green and Sustainable Construction; Cost management of Construction Projects; Smart Construction; Life Cycle Costing; Life Circle Environmental Analysis; Construction contract and dispute management. 

  • Unilag Journal of Humanities

    The UNILAG Journal of Humanities is a peer-reviewed publication with focus on the arts, business administration, education law and social sciences. The Journal, which is a biennial publication, has an Editorial Board constituted by eminent academics spread across the Faculties of the University. The journal accepts original contributions from authors in the different disciplines of the Humanities.

    Submissions are expected to be original and well researched papers which have not been previously published or under review by another journal.

  • Construction Research Journal

    Construction Research Journal (CRJ) is a bi-annual International Journal published by the Department of Building, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. The Journal is devoted to providing a medium for disseminating research findings on construction issues to policy makers, construction professionals, developers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, educators and students all over the world. The objective of the journal is the dissemination of research results by publication and circulation of research findings.

  • Igede Igbo, A Journal of Igbo Studies

    Igede Igbo is published once a year and is the official publication of the Igbo unit of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. Igede Igbo is peer-reviewed and puplishes orignal reserach from scholars accross the disciples on vareigated aspects of Igbo studies. Submission accepted for consideration will be evaluated anonymously by at least one external reviewer. All manuscrpits submiited for consideration must be orignal works that have not been published proviously or currently being considered by any other publisher.

  • Journal of Engineering Research

    JER is a peer-reviewed Journal and is quarterly published with focus on basic and applied researches in engineering and its related disciplines. It publishes contributions on concepts, state of the art, all aspects of research, standards, implementations, running experiments, and industrial case studies as well as significant advances in basic and applied engineering, engineering technology and management. The Journal also encourages the submission of critical review articles covering the latest advances in engineering and related fields as well as scientific commentaries.

  • UNILAG Journal of Business

    UNILAG JOURNAL OF BUSINESS offers a highly readable research-oriented collection of articles in all aspects of Business Management disciplines, as it is practiced in Nigeria. The journal promotes dialogue and innovative thinking around theory and practice based on conceptual creativity, reflexivity and empirical enquiry among and between researchers and practitioners. The journal welcomes articles in all areas of business management and economics. We consider for publication both theoretical and applied manuscripts.


    Urban and Regional Planning Review (URPR) is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to articles that address contemporary urban and regional issues and is directed towards an audience that includes practitioners, policy makers, scholars, and students. The Journal aspires to contribute to the body of substantive and methodological knowledge concerning public policies, programs, and administration. It particularly seeks to promote scholarship and research in urban planning, development and management.  Other areas of emphasis include the relationship of Urban and Regional Planning to environmental management, architecture, building and construction management, estate management, landscape architecture, engineering, pure and applied sciences, arts, law and humanities. Urban and Regional Planning Review (URPR) is published annually by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • EUREKA - Unilag, A Journal of Humanistic Studies


    Eureka is a refereed Journal published annually by the Department of European Languages and Integration Studies of the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

    Manuscripts for publication, exchange Journals and books for review should be sent to the Editor or Manuscripts for articles (but not rewiews) should be submitted in two copies clearly typed on A4 paper on one side only, double spaced, font 12, Times New Roman and not more than 20 pages, with each page not containing more than 25 lines of texts. The manuscripts style is that prescribed by MLA/APA. The publiccation of contributions after favourable assessments and corrections does not imply the Editor’s responsibility for the statement of facts or opinions, or for the errors or omissions made in the original contribution or the version revised by the author. No manuscript will be returned unless appropriate postage is provided by the contributor.

  • Journal of Basic Medical Sciences

    The University of Lagos Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (J. Basic Med. Sci.) is a multidisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal tailored to meet the continuing needs of research in Nigeria and the international communities with major interest in Basic Medical Sciences as a tool to solving medical and other scientific problems. In addition to publishing quality articles, the Editorial Board will pay due attention to rapid publication of accepted articles in the journal.

  • Journal of Scientific Research and Development

    The Journal of Scientific Research and Development (JSRD) is a multidisciplinary science journal covering the following areas: Biology, Biochemistry, Botany, Computer Science, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Mathematics, Marine Biology and Fisheries, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology and Zoology.

  • West African Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

    West African Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (WAJFAS) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original research and review articles in Aquaculture and Mariculture; Capture Fisheries; Fish Breeding and Genetics; Fish Diseases and Parasitology; Fisheries Biology and Management; Hydrology and Limnology; Fishing Gear and Craft Technology; Fisheries Economics, Statistics and Extension; Ecology, Biodiversity, Conservation and Aquatourism; Aquatic Productivity, Planktology and Phycology; Fish Nutrition and Feed Technology; Postharvest Technology; Aquatic Pollution and Toxicology; Marine Environmental Management; Marine Meteorology; Marine Geology and Geophysics; Physical, Chemical and Biological Oceanography. The submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence are encouraged.

  • UNILAG Journal of Politics

    The UNILAG Journal of Politics is a biannual journal in Political Science research. It however welcomes multi-disciplinary contributions which focus on research methodology issues, regional and global issues, social, political and economic issues as well as technological and development issues as they relate to and affect Africa and Africans. 

  • UNILAG Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology

    UNILAG Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology (UMST) is a peer- review journal dedicated to publishing original and high-quality papers in basic and applied research, the physical and biological sciences, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, the disciplines of engineering, technology and environmental sciences.

  • Journal of Economics and Policy Analysis

    The Journal of Economics and Policy Analysis (JEPA) is a refereed and accredited scientific biannual publication of the Department of Economics, University of Lagos, Nigeria.

    JEPA aims at publishing theoretical, empirical and policy articles in the following disciplines (and cognate subjects): economic theory, development economics, money and capital markets, corporate governance and public policy and analysis. The mission of JEPA is to publish and disseminate scientific knowledge from any academic school of thought. Authors may prepare papers for the Journal on country-specific economic or public policy issues, or issues of international/cross-country coverage.

    The Journal, therefore, welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Papers must be submitted with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are not currently under consideration by another journal. The journal accepts manuscripts in English language only.

  • Nigerian Journal of Management Studies

    Notes to Contributors: 
    Nigerian Journal of Management Studies (NJMS) is dedicated to the advancement of management research. It is a peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality, original manuscript concerned with business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, banking issues. The NJMS aims to serve business, finance and accounting, industrial relations, actuarial science, insurance and other related practitioners from the business community. Its focus is unique in its commitment to promoting academic debate on status quo. Papers examine emerging trends in business management and fast-changing concerns faced by corporations, governments, practitioners and regulators from a comprehensive range of areas. Beyond the immediate crisis, economic policies, accounting and finance and business management practices affect the stability of major institutions and even national and international economies. These disciplines require ongoing investigation in order to alleviate the present crisis and help avert the next crisis. Therefore, these problems can only be addressed by researchers who are able to bridge discipline, theory and practice.

  • Global Journal of Accounting

    The Global Journal of Accounting (GJA) is a peer- review journal dedicated to publishing original and high-quality articles based on diverse methodological and theoretical approaches that address topical issues in accounting with implications for theory and practice, and curriculum development in accounting education. The journal welcomes high quality manuscripts that are analytical, empirical or theoretical in approach.